Rise of the MLM Superstars

I've been around network marketing since 2010, all with the same company. In that time I have seen several Distributors who were classified as "heavy hitters" … [Read more...]

Ivan Wheale Exhibit

Just had the great pleasure of photographing the official opening of the show Ivan Wheale - An Artist's Journey at the Art Gallery of Sudbury. I … [Read more...]

Winning the Game of Life

In a dog-eat-dog world, in a world where some only see winners and losers, into such a world comes winners and winners. I was moved to tears as I watched these … [Read more...]

Welcome 2010

Wow, the start of another decade! Or is it just another year, just another number? For me it is the beginning of the rest of my life, a life I hope to make … [Read more...]

Finally figuring this website technology stuff out

Figuring it out... with a little help from my friends and the online help desk. The Anderson Farm Tree Lighting for 2009 is finally up and working. Sorry for … [Read more...]

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