Homeopathy in the garden – slug control

Using homeopathy in the garden for slug control (and other critter control) is a relatively new field of study. To me it stands to reason that if humans respond … [Read more...]

Spring is for Pruning

Spring is springing… and already there are pleasurable little tasks do in the garden, in spite of a whole winter’s worth of snow covering everything. Anything … [Read more...]

Leek and Garlic damage from Leek Moth

The Leek Moth, AKA Garlic Moth, attacks members of the onion (allium) family. There are lots of really good technical articles online that teach about history … [Read more...]

World’s Best Garbage

  This title came to me while putting some "mature" compost, what most would consider garbage, through the shredder in preparation to feeding it to … [Read more...]

Push Mower Satisfies my Soul

There's something about using a hand powered push mower that satisfies my soul. I'm not talking about being the environmentally friendly green gardener, … [Read more...]

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