How Diet Supplements Helped With My Weight Management

In short, we were designed to burn more calories than our modern lifestyle and fast food meal offerings promote. That may sound pretty simplistic, but I think the KISS principle really applies here. It’s just really hard to burn off the calories we eat when we’re parked at a desk all day. I never used to think about this AT ALL… but that was BEFORE…   Before I actually came face to face with an opportunity to use a high quality food-based meal replacement shake. These were not on my radar. I always believed that if I wanted to control my weight, then I should do it with food control, and I’m sure there are many who would vehemently back that up. I know I would have… BEFORE…

My "gym" this past summer - did it all myself.

My “gym” this past summer – did it all myself.

I live what I think is an above “normal” active lifestyle, especially in the summer, when the gardens are in full tilt, and therein I can always find some reason to bend, stretch, walk, lift (lots). But winter is a different story, when sedentary is more the norm. And sedentary is really the norm 365 days a year if you don’t have a yard to tend. Sure, there is always “the gym”, but most people are allergic or phobic or too busy for “that” place.

So what has the Protein Supplement shake done for me?

  • In short, it took off that last stubborn 10 lbs. I had lost 20 lbs by cutting way back on sugar and refined flour, but still had that last 10 to go. You don’t have to look very far to know that most of us are carrying around that “little bit extra” and most of us would rather not be carrying it.
  • It gave me more energy.
  • I started exercising more.
  • I liked the guy in the mirror a whole lot more.
  • I became more aware of what I was eating… and why. Lynda Cormier Hanser  wrote a very insightful post about what we’re feeding when we’re eating and not hungry.

I eat pretty much what I want on the weekend, then during the week I control my calorie burn with one protein shake a day… and sometimes I don’t even have to do that. Bottom Line… I eat a lot of good food that I really enjoy, and balance that with the benefits of my protein shakes that taste really good… good enough that I look forward to lunch… and my weight is in my target zone.


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