Push Mower Satisfies my Soul


There’s something about using a hand powered push mower that satisfies my soul. I’m not talking about being the environmentally friendly green gardener, although I am that too.


I’m talking about the feeling I have inside; the feeling of “peaceful” on a beautiful Saturday morning… walking barefoot (you ought not do that with a power mower) on the new mowed lawn as I rather effortlessly propel the mower, listening to the whirring of the blades as they efficiently snip the grass, clover and miscellaneous weeds. I can hear the birds singing, and if there is a toad (I just imported another baker’s dozen from away) foraging for slugs & bugs, it has time to hop out of the way, as I’m quite likely to see and perhaps even help it to safety.


Most of my minimal amount of lawn is now bordered with brick pavers, so trimming is kept to a minimum. I dislike trimming! And I even dislike more the roar of my gas powered whipper snipper. And yes, I do have and use my gas mower, but I don’t like it. Somehow, using the gas mower seems to make the task just that, a task, something that has to be done. But the push mower seems to change that… and I can’t explain it… so I’ll just do it… and be satisfied, from the top of my head to the tip of my barefoot toes.


So what do you cut your lawn with? And why?



  1. AnneCook Strilchuk says:

    Hi Garth,
    I was at the Lively reunion and you mentioned to Irene Aniol that you would be posting pictures from the reunion. She would like me to send them to her. Could I access them from your face book account?
    It was so nice to see many of my old classmates and find out what had happened to them after 48 years.

    • Hi Anne
      The photos will be on my personal website. I’m having software difficulty getting them uploaded. Ed T. will send out an email to everyone with the link as soon as I can overcome the technical issue.

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