Composting compostable coffee cups

coffee cup compost 2A few years ago, when our local coffee shop started touting that their coffee cups were compostable (i.e. the plastic membrane was biodegradable) I decided I would do my part for the environment by bringing my garbage home and feeding it to my compost pile. After three years, I’ve changed my mind about composting these compostable cups. The plastic residue in the photo is the remains of several cups that have been in the compost pile over three years. The compost is lovely black stuff, ready to feed my plants, but the biodegradable plastic is taking forever to break down and I’m forever picking plastic out of my garden… arghhhhh.

I have decided there is probably another reason I shouldn’t be feeding these things into my compost heap. Do I really want these chemical inputs into my otherwise organic garden. Short answer = NO!


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