Telephone Etiquette 101

You place a call. The phone rings, and the answering machine kicks in… “Thank you for calling the world’s best company. We pride ourselves in… please press ‘one’ for…. Your call is very important to us and we’ll be sure to call you back as soon as possible.” Perhaps this has never happened to you, but that probably means you’re from another part of the solar system anyway.


So here’s my take on this to improve your business ‘likeability” quotient. Regardless of what you think of the person or the product, call them back. I’d like to put that in upper case, but that wouldn’t be polite either, so I’ll just repeat it… call them back! Learn the fine art of saying ‘no thank you’ in such a manner that the caller will not be offended. You can’t afford to be alienate anyone. Your business needs every client possible. It is critical to your success to build good relationships in your community. You may never buy this caller’s product and you may wish to never see the caller again, but if you ignore them, you will leave a bad taste in their mouth. Play nice, and who knows, they may actually return to your business with a big gob of cash in their pocket.  You also don’t know who they know or what influence they may have on another buyer. Your decision to ignore them could cost you bad press in the community and thousands of dollars. Are you willing to pay that price simply because you don’t want to be bothered?


Never underestimate the power… and the cost of ignoring a phone caller.


Here’s to success… Yours!



  1. You are totally correct. I get very annoyed to be told how important I am to a company only to have to talk to a MACHINE that answered for them. IF I’m important, have them go back to the personal touch and hire an employee to give live service. What a novel idea.

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