In the Shadow of the Tank

On February 1, 2013, the Lively water tank came down with a mighty crash… and I no longer live in the shadow of the tank.

I captured this sequence of images with my Nikon D700 shooting at about 9 frames per second. I’ve only posted 7 from the entire sequence of about thirty images… gotta love high end digital cameras.

Northern Life was also sharp enough to have a reporter on site. You can see video of this event here. And a short blurb from yours truly. The photog from NL was COLD and needed to divert attention from her frozen feet so she asked to interview me… sure, why not!

Do you have any thoughts, memories or comments surrounding the tank. I’m writing an article for Walden Today and may be able to incorporate the stories of memories past. Please feel free to leave your comments… I appreciate you!


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