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This is a post about a vision, the vision of Jacqueline Villeneuve of Sudbury, ON. She is nineteen years old and now the founder of Zawadi la Tumaini – Gift of Hope, her orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya.

Jacqueline Villeneuve (left) and Lisa Lounsbury (event organizer) all painted up for the fundraiser festivities.










I became aware of Jacqueline and her vision after being invited to photograph a fundraiser organized by Lisa and Dave Lounsbury, the sole members of the Board of Directors. Yes, they need more dedicated volunteers to share Jacqueline’s heart for “her” children. Vision is a powerful thing. Hear Jacqueline’s story in her own words.  CBC interview with Markus Schwabe.You can also visit her website and become her “friend” from there too.


From our dinner program, Jacqueline writes

” Two years ago I had a dream to open an orphanage. When I began, All I knew was the feeling of pure joy I experienced while volunteering. I was inspired by the orphaned and abandoned children that I met during a months stay at a children’s home in 2010. I saw within those 34 children the determination to succeed. This motivated me to overcome any obstacle that came in my way!”

When we have a CLEAR vision, nothing is big enough to stop it. Jacqueline’s gift is the Gift of Vision. What she gives away is the Gift of Hope… to those who would otherwise have no hope.


Can a very few people bring hope where there is none. YES! I could direct you to a doctor in Nigeria who was sponsored first by my pastor, the late Rev. Paul Timpany and his wife Isabel, and then by a couple of his parishioners who could not be there, but their money could!


I need to work on my clarity!


P.S. If you were an attendee and I photographed you, you may download your photographs from my site under Free Photos.



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