Rise of the MLM Superstars

I’ve been around network marketing since 2010, all with the same company. In that time I have seen several Distributors who were classified as “heavy hitters” join our business and within a few months, they rocketed to the rarefied echelons of stardom. I’m not even sure what these superstars breath that far up into the stratosphere. When I first saw this, I was really upset. I had no clue who these aliens were and when I saw them flying so high so fast, all I could think of was “what’s the matter with me?”


Well, with a little experience under my belt, turns out there’s nothing the matter with me. The thing I didn’t realize is that these “Superstars” had spent a lifetime becoming proficient in their business… Network Marketing. I related this back to my “pre retirement” days as an underground mining geologist. When I started, back around 1967, I new nothing about the actual workings of my business… and three years later, I still didn’t know a whole lot, in spite of what I might have thought of myself at the time. When others were promoted, it was because they had put in the time and effort to earn that promotion. In time, I too was able to earn my promotions. Same thing with my new post-retirement career… I need to put in the time and effort to be worthy of any promotions I might get. The good news is that instead of the 40-40-40 plan (40 hours a week for 40 years to retire on 40% of what I made), I can look forward to a nice supplementary income in 4 years (give or take) of part time work, and it only gets better after that.


The upside 0f all this is that there is lots of help available out there to anyone willing to actually work. Yes, you have to pay for some of it, but some of it is free for the asking. Not having an effective immediate upline, I have spent a fair bit of time and money learning my way around this business that was so foreign to my J.O.B. (Jut Over Broke) style of employment and now I am willing to share that knowledge with my team… for free. Plus, I now have GREAT upline support, so that what I don’t know, I have access to. Funny how life works out like that… do what’s right, and good comes. Of course, it’s in my best interest to help others, and yours too. Why would we not want to help our team members succeed… that’s the beauty of Network Marketing… we get paid for helping others achieve their dreams… light years from the Corporate World model.


Growth Happens! And that’s NoBS!

Garth Wunsch


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