Wanted: Dead or Alive Jack F. Rost

In the wee hours of the morning of November 17, 2011 a brutal murder was committed at 262 Twelfth Avenue in Lively, ON. The only living eyewitness, Ms. Cali B. Rachoa specifically identified the murderer as one Jack F. Rost of no fixed address. The body of the beautiful and innocent victim, Miss Bee Gonia, savagely attacked and mutilated beyond recognition, was found by her long time companion, Mr. Garth Wunsch. He was able to photograph the scene and has provided same to this reporter. Viewers strongly affected by images of blood and brutality are advised to not view the graphic photographs.

Mutilated body oozing its life blood

Severed limbs in a pool of blood

Full body shot of deceased

Eye witness, Miss Cali B. Rachoa at crime scene

Large blood stain from body

The family has vowed to not rest until Mr. F. Rost is apprehended and punished with an appropriate amount of summer heat.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Hello, I came across this in my search of finding God’s face and knowing His heart and your anology here is quite something… I think of a poem my Father loved to share about a beautiful tender flower, a flower of God’s design… Just when I feel that life is merely hocus pocus the asphalt of the ground cracks open to reveal to me a crocus… he used to say, if this beautiful flower can get through ashphalt you can get through this hard place. My mother used the word – strikes – instead of open. You see she has Alheizmers and she is struggling to understand. She is being tormented by untruths and her heart is breaking. I needed GOD to let me know if my Mother was still there, if there was still hope, if I should be called to say enough is enough, stop the bleeding. It makes no sense anymore. It never made sense for a minute let alone five years! So I showed my Mother a crocus that came up on my Father’s Birthday which was planted underneath a tree I planted in memory of my Father. I so long for her to see the tree but she isn’t allowed. I treasure what she said to me about it and when I asked her if she remember, she said no, but as I began the words, she began and I listened to my Mother finish the poem. There is hope. There is hope. There is hope. And as I said ok, the Lord knew what I was asking him, I needed to know my Mother, that tender crocus, needed to let me know if I needed to help her make it through… I needed to know because I’m dying. My limbs have been ripped away from me. I am broken. Am I stronger than my Mother. I don’t know, somedays yes, somedays not. My Mother is so tormented, just as I, she gives thought to taking her life. I am not to be concerned. It’s a lie. It’s Alzheimers. It’s neither.
    It’s satan’s grip on the family of an Amazing Man of God’s and witnesses standing by doing nothing because its a private family matter. It’s a family disturbance. It’s a family destruction Garth. Pray for my Family please. Pray for a miracle. Pray tha that the Lord will soften their hearts that no more anything will come on or against His people.

  2. Albert (Bert) Card says:

    Deapest sympathy.
    We know your pain and suffering. My wife and I have experiensed the same loss.

  3. Oh the poor dear. I hope you catch the culprit. Valerie

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