Eastlink Marketing Seminar with Dawn Larsen of Navigator Marketing

Many thanks to Eastlink for hosting Dawn Larsen of Navigator Marketing. Dawn is a local professional marketing consultant who provided an excellent seminar with lots of relevant content for all of the participants.

Ever since joining the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce I have been exposed to a wide variety of local business people who are absolutely amazing at what they do. We don’t need to go out of the area for a great deal of the expertise we need to grow our businesses to world class ventures. And the best part, for the community, is that we create employment for local people. Sudbury is doing well, and we can help continue that trend by “shopping local”. It is sort of like building a foundation wall out of concrete blocks. One block won’t support much of anything, but a whole bunch of blocks will support a community.

Building the foundation walls for All Nations Church – Sudbury, ON

Dawn shared valuable insights for marketing via all of the social media and tying them all in to our company websites.

Thanks Dawn. Well done.


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