Frank O’Dea – Co-founder Second Cup

What an honour to listen to Frank O’Dea, co-founder of Second Cup, at the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce President’s series luncheon held at the Caruso Club in Sudbury, Ontario today. Mr. O’Dea epitomizes the “can do” attitude so necessary to our success as business people and as humans “being”. Mr. O’Dea’s story of useless alcoholic to successful businessman to world stage humanitarian and ultimately to Rideau Hall and the Order of Canada,  is one I won’t soon forget. As I listened, I had one prevalent thought… how I wish more young people who are seeking purpose in life could hear this message.

Should you ever get the opportunity to hear Mr. O’Dea, do yourself, and maybe the world, a favour… get there. Who knows what might grow from being in the presence of true greatness.


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