The Fountain of Youth

We all know the Fountain of Youth is figment of mythology, right? Well, if ever there was a case for discovering this mythological utopia, I think I have found it, and it is dressed up as Manon Larose HD, a Classical Homeopathic doctor practicing in Sudbury, ON. I visited her Dec. 8, 2010 and participated in a very lengthy interview. At the end of it, she simply said “come back in two days and I will have your remedy.”

The key word in homeopathy is ‘remedy’. Her goal is to heal permanently, not treat symptoms. Homeopathy places great faith in the body’s ability to heal itself. I have been on Lorazepam, a narcotic designed to treat my sleeping disorders, for over three years, and also on Pantoloc, to treat an acid reflux condition. After five years with no family doctor, we now have a new one, thanks to the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, and she told me that she wanted me off the Lorazepam, but did not offer any alternative solution to my sleeping problems. Thankfully, our new doc told me right up front that she had no problem with me seeking help from alternate care practitioners.

Typically, you take a homeopathic remedy once and then let it work. Manon told me that it will work instantly, or it is the wrong treatment. On the morning of Dec.15, 2010, I took my first dose of the remedy. Within ten minutes, my hands became warm. Both Manon’s questioning and examination of my blood cells using a dark field microscope by Sue Pellerin, a Certified Nutritionist /Live Blood Microscopist, had indicated circulatory problems, among other things.

The list of beneficial changes in my health are numerous. Some of them follow:

* Totally off Pantoloc and Lorazepam since early January. Had a few battles to fight in that time, but I won, or should I say “my body won”

* Sleep all night and wake up refreshed, usually after a little more than six hours sleep. Occasionally I will get a bit more sleep than that, but don’t seem to require more than I am getting.

* Wine and coffee no longer interfere with my sleep, regardless of when I consume them.

* Not starving hungry by mealtimes, just ready to eat. Also used to be grouchy when hungry – not any more. Also don’t seem to eat as much.

* Used to have heavy scaling dead skin on my heels. Has been getting worse for the last two years. I could break off large chunks of dead skin.  Almost totally healed to fresh new skin.

* Don’t have near as many arthritic pains as I used to have, especially in my knees. Not perfect yet, but the healing continues, so I expect more improvement here too.

* Used to get a lot of cold sores as a result of strong mental or physical stress and I would have to treat them with a zinc based product or suffer the consequences of a scarred face for a few days. i have had two cold sores begin to erupt, but my body killed them both without any medications.

So was my money well spent? You bet! Too bad the health care system won’t recognize the value of alternative medical treatments such as homeopathy. It could save the taxpayers a fortune.

If you would like to contact Manon Larose, she is at 705-222-6313

Sue Pellerin is at 705-674-2222



  1. GarthWunsch says:

    Mr. Larose, from the father of one successful daughter to the father of another, you have reason to be proud… but you make me blush. Merci!

  2. Gilles Larose says:

    I do declare, Mr Wunsch, this blog is witnees to three happy persons: yourself for having found good health, Manon Larose for having returned you to good health and be so praised for it, and myself, her father, for the professionalism with which you have recognizes her work. Not only am I happy but I am also very proud of her for the tenacity and dedication she has shown during many years of rejection by the so-called medical “establishment” (even to-day).
    And to you personally, Mr. Wunsch, I thank you for having acknowledged Manon’s professional skills in Homeopathy in such a public and open manner.
    By the way, congratulations on your very beautiful and professional website.

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