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Since this blog is intentionally very eclectic, no topic is really off topic for me. Makes blogging a lot easier, a lot more fun, and I hope a lot more interesting for my readers. Sooo, since we’re just past the season of too much good stuff and into the season of heading for the gym, I thought I’d add my experience with losing weight. It was easy and painless and required very little discipline.

One year ago I weighed in at 194 lbs. This morning I weighed in at 183.5 lbs. Don’t ask me how many kgs. that is because I don’t know… well actually, it’s exactly the same weight, just with different numbers 🙂 I didn’t feel real comfortable at 194 and my shirts didn’t fit the way I thought they should… had this funny round protuberance out front. So what’s to be done? I started watching this protuberance, just to see if it was going to grow for another nine months or so. It didn’t! Thank God!

I needed to do something, and I knew diets don’t work. Then I discovered a little book through the self improvement and gifting section of my greeting card company, titled The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson. Olson talks about making changes in our life philosophy, doesn’t talk much about eating, but about the outcomes we expect from life, and how to make them a reality. I took Mr. Olson’s advice and started applying it to a lot of things, my eating habits included. I eat ice cream (real stuff – hate all that low fat food), use whole milk, eat butter tarts, mashed potatoes and gravy, use real butter, even had a couple of Poutines during the year… you get the picture… big fat guy… NOT! Well at least not real fat. Still some room for improvement, but I’m content with my progress. Let’s see what another year brings. So did I think myself thin. Not really. But I did have to have the right mindset. I wanted to do something about that protuberance so I just started eating a little bit less of everything. It was that simple. And I went from a size large to as size medium. shirt. Never thought just ten lbs. would make that difference.

Just had a stress test and that showed clear. Blood pressure is sitting at 125/60 or thereabouts. Cholesterol is way down, (but my MD doesn’t like the ratio… never satisfied). I intend to keep it that way too. No use wasting good genes.
One more thing has to be added to the mix this year. ALL of my health care team are telling me to get my butt into a gym. Staying active with yard work doesn’t seem to cut it for them… and I know they’re right. So once the post Christmas rush is over at the gyms, there will be room for me.

Well dear reader, I don’t want to make an essay out of this. So I’ll continue to apply Olson’s words here, as at the dinner table, and just say fewer of them. Thanks.


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