After Business at Querney’s

Each month the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce organizes an After Business gathering. This month, it was hosted by Querney’s Office Plus office supply. You can read about John and Bill Querney in their About segment of their website. I would just like to say that I am happy they have reinvented their family business and given us a more local opportunity to obtain our office supplies. If you attended the event and would like some of the photos I made, go to my Community events pages, register (if you,re a newbie), click on Chamber Events and Querneys, then click on the thumbnail to enlarge and just drag and drop the hi res images to your desktop.
One of the great things about most of our After Business gatherings is the food. This was no exception, except maybe the food was exceptionally good… and where did such delights come from? From the hand of Susan Koutsoukis of Culpeppers. I can also tell you from first hand experience that the restaurant food is every bit as good as the catered goodies. Well done Susan. Really liked the smoked salmon and those little grilled wraps.

I am pretty diligent in my shopping to try buying as local as possible. Mind you, the business has to earn my loyalty. When I bought my first Mac, I went shopping. There was one established local dealer, plus the Big Box dealer. I visited the local dealer with my “tire kicking” questions, but the owner couldn’t even be bothered to get out of his chair to greet me. Instead, he let his summer student son, who new no more than I did, “service” me. I left, went home and ordered directly from Apple online. What did that cost them? I have since heard many negative stories ( and no positive ones after their best service tech retired a few years ago) I have also discovered that Laurentian University has a very competent and responsive little store on campus. Pat Dussiaume services the Apple community, and does it with class. Guess where I go for repairs and new stuff now ? ! I like shopping local, especially when it’s time to require service of some sort. And the good stores understand what good service can do.
So what are your experiences with shopping local vs the web? Leave a comment please.
BTW, Querney’s has also given me another outlet to display my Fine Art photographic images. If you are interested in seeing some of the originals, drop in to the store at 67 Elm Street, Sudbury, ON.


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