Creating Custom Greeting Cards

If you want to create your own custom cards that celebrate days of remembrance, like Veterans/Rembrance Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.,  now is the ideal time to take your camera and go find some special public displays that you can photograph. Save and/or upload your images into the various “holiday name” albums you create. You now have a resource to add to and use as you wish… or share with others.

Some photo tips…
* Avoid using flash if at all possible.
* Do some that are slightly out of focus for background elements.
* Intentionally shake your camera a little during the exposure, again, for effect.
* Get in close, get detail. Many details are generally better than an overall image. Details allow you to create a sort of montage to suit your own style and message.
* If you are outdoors, try for a hazy overcast day… not heavy cloud…  better color saturation.
* Cemeteries and cenotaphs or Walls of Remembrance are good places to find images for Nov. 11
* Greenhouses will often let you go in early in the Christmas season, before they get busy, to photograph the various Christmas plants… poinsettias, etc. botanical gardens are great places too… If you are allowed in someplace, sending them a Thank You card with some of your
creations from their facility will go a long piece towards getting you in again next year. People appreciate being appreciated!

I use a company called SendOutCards to create my greeting cards. If you want to see what they offer, go to



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    Hi Garth
    I Really enjoyed our dinner tonight. You are very stimulating and inspiring to talk to. You made me realize that Retirement is not the end of the road, describing briefly, as we did not have all that much time together, all that you do with your time. I love this website, as it expands on what you are doing, and your goals. I look forward to meeting you again, as I am still in need of some more of your inspiration. I have the feeling that you share your enthusiasm freely, and look forward to our next meeting, if you can fit me into your busy schedule. Cheers, Brian

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