Heffern Golf Tournament 2010

Many thanks to all who participated in this very successful event to raise money for the Irish Heritage club‘s support of organ transplants at Sixth Avenue Golf & Country Club in Lively. Special thanks to Reggie White and his team for all the work they put into this very worthy cause. It was really inspiring to see money donated to worthy recipients and also to hear Sudbury Councilor Russ Thompson relate the story of his successful kidney transplant. Thanks Russ. Big thanks also to Councilor Jacques Barbeau for his great support. I can’t begin to tell you how much he contributed to this event… and always does.

Have you signed your organ donor card? I have!
Does your family know your wishes? Mine does!

None of us is in a hurry to become organ donors, but we don’t know what tomorrow holds. And maybe, just maybe, someone will live on even if I don’t. Just as a note of information, I have a sister-in-law who is a double lung transplant recipient. She is having a tough time right now, but she has survived long enough (six years) to see one of her life’s goals achieved… living long enough to see her two children grow up.

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