Sudbury’s Olympic Gold Medalist Women Hockey Players

The 2010 Winter Olympics are history… or so some might think. But for so many people, they are so very real and alive. Why? Because the Olympians are real live people who live in real communities and are bringing their memories and inspiration “back home” from the games to communities all across our beloved Canada. My community is Sudbury, Ontario! They put real faces to our television screen images. They are the difference between a live concert and some flat lifeless recording downloaded off the web.

I experienced this first hand yesterday when I had the great personal fortune to photograph Rebecca Johnston and Tessa Bonhomme. I had visited my optometrist’s office (Family Vision Centre) last Wednesday and there on the counter was a bouquet of flowers that looked identical to many I had seen being presented to the winning athletes over the course of the games. At first I thought they were a purchased decoration, but was assured they were “the real thing” (I guess I can use that phrase since Coac-Cola was an official sponsor 🙂 Turns out Tessa’s mom, Debbie Bonhomme, works there. They told me Tessa was coming in Friday morning to share her medal with the staff, so I asked if I might come in and photograph the ocasion… sure, come on down!

Friday morning arrived. The office was electric with excitement and EVERYONE was wearing some combination of red and white, including the children who had taken a couple of hours off school to see and touch “the Gold”. I was expecting just Tessa, but in walked both Tessa and Rebecca, complete with their golden treasure and great big golden smiles to match. Everyone, regardless of their age, were as awestruck little children again. This was pure joy and it was made possible by these two lovely young ladies being will to share, to inspire and to give back to their community.

Thank You Ladies. You have made us proud to call ourselves Canadians!

Gallery from Family Vision Centre and the ReMax office just down the hall (same story, different people, same pride and joy).

P.S. Here’s a link to some neat images from Vancouver


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