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Wow, the start of another decade! Or is it just another year, just another number? For me it is the beginning of the rest of my life, a life I hope to make count and to be fully accountable for. I’ve been drawing a pension cheque since 1998, but that doesn’t mean I  have retired, nor do I intend to retire. That is a concept foreign to history.

As near as I can figure, 2010 marks FIFTY years since I picked up my first camera as a fifteen year old Boy Scout on a quest for more proficiency badges. Who Knew? Photography has been my constant companion for this half century, and I see no reason why it cannot be my companion for many more decades to come. My dad turns 92 in May and mom just celebrated her 85th birthday and last fall was anniversary number 67 for them… so, as I like to tell folks, ” I have really good genes, so long as a bus doesn’t run over them.” There is always something new to learn, something beautiful to see, something new to create that will bring joy to my world.

As we move into 2010, I am also posting my second “Print of the Month” titled Water Garden. It is an image I made on a canoe outing in Killarney Provincial Park with my friend David Kechnie in 2008. David is an avid and accomplished gardener. His comment about the landscape we were in summed it all up… “you just couldn’t design a water garden that lovely.” Simplicity personified! I love this country I am privileged to call home. So much water, so much rock, so much character and beauty. You can link to my Print of the Month here, and to my Fine Art Gallery here. I have made the Friends of Killarney Park a recipient of a portion of each sale of this image.

Water Garden - Killarney, Ontario

Water Garden - Killarney, Ontario

For me, this image is so pure, so clean. I wanted to title it Coquilles, the French word for “shells”, but I thought it a bit too obscure. It so reminded me of coquilles St. Jacques, not the food dish, but the shell markers placed on the ground and elsewhere for the the pilgrims making their way along the Camino de Santiago. It is a holy pilgrimage, a time of purification, and that is how this image strikes me, the blue so pure, so clean, the rocks so sculpted and so refined, seemingly floating on the water… Whole… and Holy.

Happy New Year everyone!


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