Sunrise Sunset Pro

The iPhone is gluing itself to me… already.

For some time I have been searching the web for a database for sunrise, sunset times (that part was easy), but what I REALLY needed was to know WHERE the sun would be rising or setting on any given day of the year, and know the information for any location on earth, and from any location, even though I was sitting in my office planning my next shoot to hopefully add to my Fine Art Gallery. I couldn’t find what I needed… until the iPhone came into my life, and there it was, Vincent Kekoa’s Sunrise Sunset Pro… and all for $1.99. So now I can lay out the map, enter the GPS coordinates into the app, and know that if I am standing at point X on Georgian Bay looking out at the Killarney Lighthouse, I can know where the sun will be rising relative to the subject on any given day of the year. Thanks Vincent.

This app rocks, pretty, useful… and easy to use. I give it 5 stars.

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until the next time, Garth


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