My newest toy

I Finally took the plunge and purchased an iPhone! Not so much that I really needed a cell phone, (never had one before) but I suspect that, like my other really good tools, (iMac, Nikon D700 etc.) in a year from now you won’t be able to pry it from my hands. That being said, the cell phone has already been useful for conveying my excuses (reasons) as to why I’m coming home late… again. I got caught in a huge thunderstorm the other day, lucky me. Great clouds… and a rainbow to boot. The rainbow was forming over one of Vale INCO’s operations buildings, the old Iron Ore Recover Plant, and seeing the local labor strife is adding to the already difficult economic times of Sudbury (like everywhere else), I thought the rainbow was a nice symbol of promise for better days ahead… hey, worked for Noah!

These images were made with my Canon G9… It’s small and good. I try not to leave home without it. Great for such occasions when I’m not toting the full camera bag of Nikons.

a la prochaine, Garth

1250 ft.SuperstackRainbow of hope

PS just want give my webmaster a big thank you for the redesign work he is just completing. Note to photographers… I know I’m a good photographer and I know a fair bit of Photoshop, so I thought I could also be a web designer… couldn’t do it… wasted a lot of money and time getting frustrated with Dreamweaver etc. Hired James… sticking to photography… same goes for accounting! James specializes in WordPress layouts for photographers.You can find him at


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