Creighton Mine, memories and blueberries

It’s pretty late in the season for blueberries, but life has been such that I have been unable to get out for the last few weeks, so today I took advantage of NO RAIN and drove up to Creighton. Vale INCO has No trespassing signs all over the place… I’m not trespassing, I’m visiting old memories. Parked at the start of Snider street and made my way up there to Connaught, then NW on Alexander St., past Grey St., then south on George St. to Edward St., the place I really call “home” because that is where I spent my formative years. It was also the birthplace and home of my wife, Arlene Cretzman. She lived probably two hundred yards away, if that, but it took me a really long time to find her 🙂

Looking north on Edward St. from George St.

Looking north on Edward St. from George St.

Took a few pics with my iPhone of the handiwork my dad did in or about 1956. The concrete retaining wall and porch foundation he built are still there, but nature is having its way. So hard to believe there was even a house there…the lots and houses were so small, but the community’s heart was so big… and still is.
Concrete retaining wall for our front lawn

Concrete retaining wall for our front lawn

Poured concrete block that dad made for our new front porch entry

Poured concrete block that dad made for our new front porch entry

Made my way through the bush north of Alexander St. and back down Connaught and then decide to take a little side trip down memory lane to the ball field, home of the Creighton Indians and playground to generations of children who made their own entertainment doing things that would, if we were to listen to all the play psychologists and others, should have killed everyone of us off before we reached puberty.
The ball field as it looks today... swampy and overgrown

The ball field as it looks today... swampy and overgrown

Long story short… the blueberries are pretty much finished. Got enough for me and my girl to have a little bedtime snack, but I picked a lot of fond memories from the recesses of my mind, not of mansions or manicured grounds, but of real people.
Don’t forget… so far as I know, the annual Creighton reunion is still a go on the third Sunday of September as it has been every year since our first biggy in 1989… interesting note… it has NEVER rained on us on that date since 89.



  1. I don’t know how I found your site but I’m very grateful. I’m Ryerson Cretzman and was born,apparently, somewhere near the blueberry pickin’ site,called Dogpatch(?) “oral-history” and soon after,perhaps we,mom,dad,and 2 older sisters,moved to Sudbury,I seem to remember we were somewhat of “outcasts” as the rest of the family stayed in Creighton Mine. My father,Albert was the youngest of the 14 children born to Edward and Mary Cretzman and according to the family headstone in Sudbury at Mary’s grave,5 children died within the first 5yrs and according to my father,,again–“oral-history” Emmet 11yrs was killed in a tobboganing accident. All of these passings are recorded on the rear of Mary’s headstone in Sudbury. When Albert passed in 1989 we took his ashes to Sudbury and dug a hole next to Mary’s grave and interred them there.. I have pic of headstone,also others of cousins etc.Let me know,I’ll attach them. Blessing on your journey….Ryerson Cretzman Born Feb 2o,1946,and still kicking!! 🙂

    • Ryerson, I too am glad you “found me”. Some things are just meant to be. Dogpatch is a little settlement between Creighton and Lively. Its formal name is Rockville. I also lived there for a short time just after migrating to the area with my folks from Mattawa in 1951. I have a fairly active genealogy project underway. May I email you for information? At 69 you should still be kicking’ around…. but sadly many aren’t. I am now seventy and look forward to at least another thirty good years… and then I’ll decide what I might do when I grow up. LOL My dad just died April 27 past, being just a month shy of 97. He had no diagnosed illness. Took no serious medication. Could still carry on a half decent conversation, but he was in a wheelchair after losing his mobility a couple of years ago… no one knows why. He just got tired of living, went to sleep and woke up where he wanted to be – with mom. Sad to lose him, but what a testimony and legacy his life and death are. Signing off. Please keep in touch at

  2. How absolutely wonderful,Garth, for me this AM as I was browsing to happen upon your site Not even sure how I got here,which these days at 69+yrs is easy to do. I’m very pc illiterate so I’ll move along before I loose you! My father was Albert Cretzman, grandmother&father…Edward and Mary…Edward was killed in Creighton mine accident, I think in 1920,cuz Albert was the youngest and he told me Edward was killed when he(Albert) was 4yrs old. I do remember that Granma lived with us in Sudbury ,I think til near her passing,I was 8yrs, I seem to remember Granma in the bedroom next to me when we lived on Brodie st. She always had those candy covered almonds which she shared only w/me,not my sisters!! It was our secret. I do remember meeting Arlene,but can’t remember when. Much gratitude for your sharing,it always warms my heart to connect w/Creighton Mine in any way. Blessings on your journey,Garth…..Ryerson

  3. ann MacDougall Mitchell says:

    looking for Creighton pictures-my girls purchased a book called -There Were No Strangers-We lived on Edward Street and moved up to snob hill before moving out toBlack Lake Road-been away for a long time but still it was a neat place to grow up-no rich no poor and no unemployment-I still have a silver spoon Mr Whalen gave us as we graduated grade eight-wonder how many of them are around

    • Bill (Sandy) McKee says:

      Found this site today and thought I would add my 2 cents. Bill (Sandy) McKee here and I also lived on Snob Hill – Churchill St. Great memories but also so sad our roots have gone

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