Niagara School of Imaging

64 years old… back to school! Just returning from five days at Niagara School of Imaging (NSI) . What a blast! Traveling through the fruit belt of Ontario brought back so many memories from my youth when I spent part of a summer picking fruit in the Vineland and Jordan Station area about fifty years ago. NSI was awesome. I enrolled in Marilyn Sholin’s class

Teacher acting goofy

Teacher acting goofy

for digital painting. Marilyn is one of only three dozen Corel Paining Masters in the world and she deserves to be there. All NSI classes are small (7 in our case) so you get all the attention you need. Now I have to unscramble my brain and start using what I learned. The hardest part is getting my head around the idea that paintings are a representation of reality (unless you’re my magnificent artist friend Cheryl Battistelli who seems to know every whisker on a cat’s face… I’m sure she counts them 🙂 Anyway, made some really nice friends and am looking forward to this new expression of my artistic talents.


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