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Bicycle built for two... plus a trailer


If you’ve seen “The Bucket List” then you might relate better to some folks I’ve met this year. In May I was camping in Killarney and met Michal and Janine from Switzerland. They travel a lot and are presently on a five month cross Canada trip by car… then there’s the Italian couple I happened to meet today in Sudbury. They are traveling Montreal to Vancouver on a bicycle built for two, and hauling a trailer. It’s longer than a lot of smaller cars on the road these days. Their blog site is It is written in Italian, but just by looking at the pictures, you can tell these guys travel a lot. I think they must have been born on a bicycle. Cycling across Canada isn’t part of my personal Bucket List (I do have one) but I respect these folks for their undertakings. Welcome to Canada… enjoy.


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