George Vanier Public School

Friday, June 26, 2009, last day of classes at George Vanier Public School also marked the last day of the school, well at least the original school. I thought it would be useful, interesting, fun, maybe even important to photograph this passing moment of time. I never attended this school, but our daughter did… all of her public school years, and so did most of her friends. The school has been very much a part of our community, but it is not “gone”, it is just changing. I don’t know if the building is coming down or not, but a brand new “George Vanier” is being constructed right beside the old one. They say it will be a “green “school, but right now, it’s a really blue school… insulation on the insulation.

I was deeply rewarded for the small effort of getting to the school at the proper time, because just as the kids were racing out, a gentleman assisted a very elderly lady around to the back of my truck so she could witness the end of an era… the lady was former teacher Grace Murray. She taught her entire career at GVPS. I was honoured to witness her silent vigil, and I greatly respect her for it. I never met this lady, at least not that I remember, but I think her obviously substantial effort to attend the last exodus of “her students” speaks volumes of the kind of person I believe she must be. Memories can be wonderful things, and I’m thinking she has lots of them. Thanks.


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