Computers are stressful… sometimes.
I’m just getting a little bit caught up after a two week crash. So many things have happened in that time that I would like to have shared, but that would be too much in one bite. Probably the most important thing is that we celebrated my dad’s 91st birthday on May 30.
Mom and dad used to have a little house trailer and spent many summers in Samuel de Champlain provincial between North Bay (where they still live) and Mattawa, Ontario. To celebrate, my brother and I booked the same site they always had, no. 166, and set up my little house trailer which looks very much like theirs did… old, but in good shape. We told them they were going for a picnic in the park, and amidst much nattering about being too cold yet for a picnic, my brother picked them up and delivered them to the campsite where I had set up for them. Had lots of windbreaks and fire ready for dad to light. They had a beautiful day with the best weather of the spring so far… rained all the week before, sunny for their day, and the next day when I looked out the trailer door (went to chase a bear away that was pawing at the door) THERE WAS SNOW ON THE GROUND! May 30th… so much for global warming. (BTW in the 70’s, they were trying to convince us we were heading into another ICE AGE -No, they haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about).
Dad is in terrific shape for 91 years young… three knee replacements, two different cancers… and he still made his own birthday cake.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!Ceremonial fire lighting


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