Well folks, this blog and all the related stuff is finally starting to take shape, at least in my head, because I am now starting to understand this cyber gobble-de-gook a little better (some days a little less than others). It’s hard when your hair turns white! I really owe my web designer a big vote of thanks for taking my hand when the quicksand was just about to engulf me. If you are into getting a photo oriented blog on the go with WordPress, then go visit James at Tell him Garth sent you.

For those of you looking for my new samples and all that good stuff, please be patient. I have just signed up with a really great web and print company (Pictage). It took me a long time to find a company that does all they do, and do it so well. It is the brain child of Gary Fong, photographer and inventor of a whole bunch of stuff. They will be hosting my online galleries where you will be able to view and/or purchase images you are interested in, whether they be weddings, portraits, special events etc. You will select the images you want, add them to your cart, and then Pictage will print them and ship them off to you directly. They will come from the United States, but there is no import duty on photographs. Because they are listed in US dollars, I will be setting my web prices lower to compensate for that difference. I would dearly love to find a Canadian company that can do all they do, but so far no luck. The closest is from Silvano Imaging in Toronto, but even theirs is an American subcontractor. Oh well, at least it’s not “made in china”. I have nothing against the Chinese folks, but I sure do have a gripe against all the junk they are contracted to build and then we throw into our land fill sites in two months.

Although you are at, this is just the gathering place for several web domains of mine. lives here ( for short). It is the home of my wedding and portrait business. is my Fine Art site and it will eventually move in here too. For now, if you would like to browse my Fine Art images, please click on over to

This weekend is the reunion for Lively High School… I think they call it something different now… longer name that I always screw up… but it’s still Lively High School 🙂 Looking forward to that. Should have some pics to post next week.


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