Welcome – Let’s Start Here

Have you ever been in a job that you weren’t meant to be in? I was.

In 1998 I retired from my life-long career as a Senior Geological Technologist in one of the largest underground nickel/copper/precious metals mining operations in the world. The job was good, and the pay was decent, but I was always dabbling in some other business ventures on the side.  I was an entrepreneur in employee’s clothing. And yes, I do have a decent pension, and for that I am grateful. However, after nearly two decades of retirement, its purchasing power has shrunk dramatically.

So why do I relate this little story? I do so because you might be a person who travelled the same path as I did, and now you’re looking to make the next fifty years of your life more satisfying than the first fifty… or perhaps you are stuck someplace in that first fifty years of your life and you already sense that you want to pursue an independent entrepreneurial lifestyle. Not everyone wants to be their own boss, some are quite content being excellent employees, and that is really good. However, if you were born an Entrepreneur, you will know it in your soul. You want FREEDOM.

There are many ways to define freedom. Most people reading this will already live in a “free” society, but are not really free because they still lack either TIME FREEDOM, or FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

I started out life as an Entrepreneur, and that is where I should have stayed, but life took its own course, and I wandered along with it for over thirty years. I should have fought, but I didn’t. Some of you reading this won’t even have been on this planet for thirty years, but for others of you, my story may be all too familiar. Well, that is all behind me now, and I am pursuing the life I was meant to live, the life of an Entrepreneur. As Colonel Harland Sanders proved, it is never too late to pursue an old dream or create a new one. If this sounds even remotely like you, have a look at how I am pursuing my dreams.

So welcome to my cyber-home. My real home is in Lively, Ontario, a ‘burb’ of the City of Greater Sudbury, the educational, medical, industrial and mining hub of northeastern Ontario. So now that you’ve arrived at my home, which room would you like to visit first?

As I noted earlier, I have many other pursuits in life, and perhaps you are visiting to share one of those.

If you’re visiting to pick up your free photos, let’s go have a look in my dark room.

I get quite a few people wanting to tour my gardens, so I write about gardening issues in my blog called Lively Dirt. Hey, what else would a gardener who lives in Lively name his blog?

And if you’re interested in what I find interesting in the City of Greater Sudbury, have a look in my Library, that’s where I write about My Town.

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