This is my home… when I’m not in the garden, or taking photos, or attending Chamber of Commerce events, or… in  other words, I like to keep myself busy. My real home is in Lively, Ontario, a ‘burb’ of the City of Greater Sudbury, the educational, medical, industrial and mining hub of northeastern Ontario.

I am retired from Vale (formerly INCO), retiring as a Senior Geological Technologist in one of the largest underground nickel/copper/precious metals mining operations in the world. “Retirement” doesn’t suit me – people die after they retire – check the ‘obits’, so I have creatively filled my time pursuing several of my life’s avocations; handyman, photographer, gardener, genealogist.

Photography has been my life-long passion and is now my networking tool of choice. You may view and download event images at no charge, as in FREE .  Just click here to create a username and password and you will have instant access to the numerous galleries.

For the last several years I have been developing a second career helping people and businesses build better relationships with their personal contacts and clients using an online greeting card company that helps you send customized REAL greeting cards, the kind the post office delivers. The automated system helps people to never forget that all important anniversary, birthday or special occasion. In fact, for businesses, the service has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to attract new prospects through multiple points of contact, and help keep customers with an outstanding client retention method and build a long term customer base of raving fans of your business… and all for much less than it would cost from your local greeting card shop.

There is also has an outstanding compensation plan for those that wish to earn a bit of extra income just by sharing what they already love. Check out the Home Based Business page for more details. I look forward to speaking with you soon.









email Garth@GarthWunsch.com